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Moving Out? Here’s How to Make Furniture Removal a Breeze!

Moving out of your old space and into a new one is an exciting journey. But let’s face it, the thought of moving heavy furniture can be daunting. That’s where we step in with some handy, actionable tips to make your furniture removal as smooth as silk!

1. Start with a Plan:

Before you start lugging your sofa down three flights of stairs, have a plan. Measure your large furniture and the doorways, staircases, or elevators they need to pass through. It’s heartbreaking to reach the moving truck only to realize your favorite dresser won’t fit through the door.

2. Gather the Right Tools:

Imagine trying to unscrew a table with a butter knife. Not the best idea, right? Equip yourself with the right tools: screwdrivers, a furniture dolly, sliders, and packing supplies. These tools are lifesavers and make the process less like a Herculean task.

3. Disassemble What You Can:

Take apart any furniture that can be broken down. Remove legs from tables, take bed frames apart, and if possible, detach any bulky parts. This not only makes the furniture easier to move but also helps prevent damage.

4. Protect Your Furniture:

Wrap furniture in moving blankets or bubble wrap. Protecting your furniture from scratches and dings is crucial, especially if you’re fond of your pieces or if they’re heirlooms.

5. Lifting Techniques Matter:

Remember how your gym instructor always said to lift with your legs, not your back? The same applies here. Keep your back straight and lift with your legs to avoid injury. If something feels too heavy, it probably is – get help!

6. Navigate Through Space Smartly:

Plan your route. Make sure there’s enough space to move without bumping into things. If you’re maneuvering a tight corner, it’s like a puzzle – sometimes you need to tilt or rotate the furniture in a way that seems counterintuitive.

7. Don’t Be a Hero:

If a piece of furniture feels too heavy, it’s okay to ask for help. Friends, family, or professional movers – having an extra set of hands can make a world of difference.

8. Consider Professional Movers:

Sometimes, it’s worth hiring professional movers, especially for heavy or valuable pieces. They have the experience, strength, and equipment to handle furniture removal efficiently and safely.

9. Take Care of Yourself:

Moving furniture is physically demanding. Stay hydrated, take breaks, and don’t overexert yourself. Your well-being is more important than getting everything done in record time.

10. Celebrate Your Success:

Once you’ve moved the last piece of furniture, take a moment to celebrate. Order some pizza, relax, and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!


Furniture removal doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With some planning, the right tools, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can make the process straightforward and even enjoyable. Remember, moving to a new place is a new chapter in your life, and getting there can be part of the adventure!